Interlaboratory quality control software based on Bio-Rad Unity Real Time.

OpenQC allows users of Unity Real Time to centralize their QC records and easily generate reports to compare themselves against their peer group. OpenQC was developed with input from specialists in the field of QC management, and is used by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires to monitor the performance of laboratories within the city's hospitals.


A full-featured enviromental control and monitoring system, designed to provide both real-time and historical data. MONDIS provides timely alerts and insightful reports about the performance of the user's equipment.

MONDIS is used by dozens of clinical laboratories, research institutes and warehouses to monitor their facilities and equipment.

Unity Alert

Developed for leading life science industry manufacturer Bio-Rad Laboratories, Unity Alert is a monitoring and alerting plataform for the popular Unity Real Time quality control software. It provides users with quick, actionable alerts and notifies supervisors of issues in the diagnostics process.

Unity Alert has been translated to over 12 languages and is used in clinical laboratories worldwide.