IVD and Life Sciences
IT Development

Software Development Outsourcing

Data Integration

Business Intelligence Consulting


Development On Demand

Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation
Web, Mobile and Desktop Development

Data integration

Multiplatform Connectivity
Data connectivity, warehousing and migration

Business Intelligence and data analytics

Data Analysis and Reporting of Clinical Diagnostics and Life Sciences Business Information

IVD & Life sciences informatics consulting

Software Development, QC Analysis and Technology Consulting with an IVD/Life Sciences perspective and background

Why us?

  • Unique IVD/Life Science Industry Expertise

    DSNTEC’s vast experience and track record in the industry guarantee efficient, on-time and cost-effective results.

  • Cost and Time Savings

    DSNTEC provides cost and time effective services, maximizing its customers’ profits in a smaller amount of time, rendering outsourcing projects much more attractive.

  • Similar Time Zone and Cultural Compatibility

    Since we operate in a similar time zone and there is cultural alignment between DSNTEC’s environment and its customers, optimal availability and straightforward communication are assured by DSNTEC.

  • Qualified Professionals

    DSNTEC has a technically-savvy team (Software Engineers, Biochemists and Data Scientists, educated in the region’s topmost-ranked universities) with the know-how to reach the uppermost quality standards.

Amazing companies who trust us